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Life Nourishing Adventures.

We navigate a complex range of situations over the course of our busy lives but we rarely pause to recognise what baggage we may have accumulated and since forgotten, along the way.

Lost Baggage Club provide life nourishing adventures which enrich our lives through the exploration of new environments, cultures and people from across the planet. We steer our adventures with self-knowledge workshops, using local culture as our classroom and qualified psychotherapists as our guides.

Our trips provide more than just a new collection of insta-pics and short-lived boost of melanin, we've travelled the world and curated a series of adventures in unique urban and remote locations, each carefully designed to deliver a balance of mindfulness, nature, culture and fun.

By reclaiming and unpacking our lost emotional baggage, we can begin to heal and improve our lives, returning home with a new found sense of clarity, purpose, confidence and calm.

Seasonal floral arrangements for mindful lovers.

The Business Trip

We curate engaging cultural trips to help employees function better together – to form more engaged teams, be more productive, dynamic, and work together in more innovative and entrepreneurial ways. Our bespoke business trip is built around 20 core emotional skills that we believe each employee needs to learn to contribute and thrive in the workplace. We operate a series of workshops in a fun and interactive style, located in beautiful locations like the beach, or rooftop bars.


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